About Our Farm


PLAY YOUR PART- We live on a planet where we can’t live unless we coexist and benefit one another. With organic foods, YOU can make an impact. You can save your soil, rather our soil from getting poisoned by deadly pesticides. Play your part for your forthcoming generations. Switch to organic today.

INCREASE YOUR LIFESPAN - A recent study by Stanford clearly proves and demonstrates that you can increase your lifespan by 14 years if you eat organic produce. This is because your body is able to absorb more nutrients than inorganic food.

REDUCE CARBON PRINT - You, yes you can help reduce the carbon footprint on this earth. How do you ask? EAT ORGANIC! Organic agriculture has the potential to help reduce carbon emissions, enhance soil fertility and improve climate resilience.

GET THAT FLAVOUR - Just how the meat of a stressed animal is not as tasty and tender as the meat of a relaxed animal (so we hear – we’re actually vegetarian!), the flavour of a stressed crop will not be as good as that of a crop grown with ease. A plant that needs to dig deeper to find the nutrients it needs is stressed and cannot put that energy towards the growth of its fruit.