Our Team

Meet Our Team

The Pushti Oraganics Team: Cultivating a Brighter Future, Together

At Pushti Oraganics, we are more than just a farm; we are a community, a family united by a shared passion for sustainable agriculture and a commitment to providing healthy, organic produce. Our team comprises dedicated individuals, each playing a vital role in nurturing our land and bringing wholesome food to your table.

Our Passionate Leaders:

Guarav and Upasana Yadav: Driven by a personal experience and a deep love for their community, Guarav and Upasana are the visionary forces behind Pushti Praganics. Their commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices guides our every step.

The Heart of Our Farm:

  • Experienced Farmers: Our farm workers are the backbone of our operation. Their generations-old knowledge, combined with their dedication to sustainable practices, ensures the health and productivity of our land.
  • Agricultural Experts: Our team of agricultural experts brings their scientific knowledge and innovative spirit to the forefront, constantly seeking ways to improve our farming methods and ensure the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem.
  • Dedicated Support Staff: From managing logistics to ensuring customer satisfaction, our support staff plays a crucial role in connecting you with the bounty of our farm.

A Collaborative Spirit:

At Pushti Praganics, we believe in fostering a collaborative environment where everyone's contribution is valued. Each member of our team, from our experienced farm workers to our passionate leaders, plays a vital role in nurturing our land and delivering the highest quality organic products.

Together, let's cultivate a healthier future, one bite at a time.