Our Story old

Nurturing the Earth:

Building Soil Health & Crafting Natural Fertilizers

At Pushti Organics, we believe healthy crops begin with healthy soil. We employ a range of organic methods to nurture the land, ensuring optimal growth and vibrant ecosystems.

Building soil fertility:

  • Crop Rotation: We practice diverse crop rotations, planting different crops in sequence to prevent nutrient depletion and suppress soil-borne diseases. This diversity also attracts beneficial insects and promotes a healthy microbial community.
  • Cover Crops: During fallow periods, we plant cover crops like legumes. These nitrogen-fixing plants enrich the soil with vital nutrients, suppress weeds, and improve soil structure.
  • Composting: We meticulously compost all organic waste generated on our farm, including kitchen scraps, crop residues, and cow dung. This rich compost acts as a natural fertilizer, replenishing the soil with vital nutrients and organic matter.
  • Mulching: We leverage mulching practices, covering the soil with organic materials like straw or leaves. This helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature, fostering a healthy environment for beneficial organisms.

Crafting Natural Fertilizers:

  • Cow Dung Manure: We utilize readily available cow dung manure as a natural fertilizer. This organic matter is rich in nutrients and helps improve soil structure and fertility.
  • Matka Fertilizer: We implement a traditional technique called matka fertilizer. Earthenware pots (matkas) are filled with layers of organic materials like cow dung, neem cake, and soil. Over a period of six months, these materials decompose, creating a potent liquid fertilizer rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes.
  • Liquid Cultures: For pest control, we employ natural liquid cultures derived from neem leaves, amalalas (a herbal concoction), and other botanical sources. These organic alternatives offer a safe and effective way to manage pests without harming the environment.
  • Vermicomposting: We harness the power of earthworms to create vermicompost, a nutrient-rich fertilizer teeming with beneficial microorganisms. This organic fertilizer enhances soil quality and plant growth.

Beyond these methods, we actively share our knowledge with farmers across India and Nepal, empowering them to adopt sustainable practices and contribute to a healthier future.

Cows, Bees, & Harmony:

Our Sustainable Approach towards Cattle, Bees, and the Sariska Ecosystem

At Pushti Praganics, we recognize the interconnectedness of nature's elements. Our cows, bees, and the surrounding environment, including the majestic Sariska Tiger Reserve, form a vital web of life that we strive to nurture.

The Blessings of Our Bovine Companions:

  • Breeds: We nurture a herd of over 400 cows belonging to the Gir and Sahiwal breeds, known for their resilience and adaptability to our local climate.
  • Beyond Milk: These gentle giants offer more than just delicious dairy products. Their manure is a natural fertilizer, enriching our soil and reducing our reliance on chemical alternatives. Additionally, cow dung serves as a source of biofuel, contributing to our commitment to renewable energy.
  • Free-Grazing: Our cows enjoy a life of freedom, grazing on lush pastures within our farm boundaries. This natural diet not only contributes to their well-being but also reflects in the quality of the milk they produce.

Sustainable Beekeeping Practices:

  • Strategic Placement: We strategically place bee boxes throughout our farm, including our mustard fields and the forest area of the Sariska Tiger Reserve, bordering our farm. This not only provides bees with access to diverse sources of nectar but also promotes pollination, which is crucial for a healthy and thriving ecosystem.
  • Forest Honey: Our beekeeping methods are gentle and sustainable, allowing us to harvest delicious and naturally pure forest honey, a true testament to the harmonious relationship we share with nature's pollinators and the rich biodiversity of the Sariska region.
  • Beyond Honey: By fostering a healthy bee population, we contribute to the overall biodiversity of our farm, the surrounding environment, and the critical forest ecosystem of the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

A Commitment to Harmony:

Our approach to cow and beekeeping and our connection to the Sariska Tiger Reserve are rooted in a deep respect for all living creatures and their vital roles in our interconnected world. We believe in creating a sustainable and harmonious environment where both humans and nature can thrive.