Order Organic A2 Ghee in Delhi NCR at Pushti Organics and Experience the Difference Yourself!

In India, organic cow ghee is considered a symbol of nourishment for the body, purer and healthier than the normal ghee we find in the local market. At Pushti organics, we follow the traditional Bilona method to churn pure A2 Sahiwal cow milk into delicious ghee. And this is what makes our organic A2 ghee in Delhi NCR different. Our ghee is made from fermented butter, slowly simmered to get rid of milk solids and impurities. This ghee is gluten-free and thus easily digestible too. You can consume it safely even if you are lactose or casein intolerant.

Order Organic A2 Ghee at Pushti Organics

Order our organic A2 ghee in Delhi NCR and explore the following features:

  • You can remain assured of the fact that our A2 ghee is 100% pure and organic. We do not infuse any adulterations or pesticides while making our products. Instead, we use procedures, such as vermi-composting and make manure from our in-house livestock waste.
  • We guarantee the authenticity of our products. We are the only organic farm in India that uses 32+ types of bio composites and has all required national and international organic farming certificates, like NPOP, Jaivik Bharat, USDA and FSSAI.
  • You can reduce your cooking time by using our organic A2 ghee and other products in your recipes. This saves hugely on burning of fuel and gas thus contributing to less carbon footprint.
  • The best thing about ordering organic ghee or any other products with us is we offer different modes of payment. Our reliable payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to maintain the confidentiality of all transactions. With us, you can use wallets, COD, internet banking and UPI to pay for your orders.
  • We do not charge for orders above Rs. 400 and also avoid all kinds of issues that can delay product delivery. At times when you fail to deliver your product, we will inform you the same through mail or call.
  • You can even visit our farm lands personally by filling in your details in the form available on our site. This way you can get an idea of the authenticity of our organic products.

With such flexible payment and product delivery options, you cannot help but order required organic products on our site https://pushtiorganics.com/. Make haste and order now so we can deliver to you as fast as possible.


  1. What is Bilona Ghee?

Bilona is a term used to define the procedure of making ghee where butter is churned in wooden tool called Bilona to extract butter which is then slow heated to make ghee. At Pushti organics, we use the Bilona method to make curd from whole milk after separating butter from it. Even though our Organic A2 ghee is expensive, it comes with the medicinal benefit of desi Sahiwal cow’s milk.

  1. How much protein does your Organic A2 ghee have?

A2 protein rich desi Sahiwal cow milk is used to make our organic ghee that contains fat in trace amount because of the presence of beneficial protein.

  1. Is your Organic A2 ghee good for skin?

Yes, our organic A2 ghee is beneficial for your skin as it serves as a natural moisturise that heals burned and dry skin. At the same time, it also reduces the chances of skin and breast cancer; promotes memory power and immunity and is good for thyroid as well. It contains high levels of health fat that support the cell structures and prevent obesity.

  1. Will your Organic A2 ghee cause any kind of discomfort?

Our organic A2 ghee is made from superior quality Sahiwal cow milk that is similar to the breast milk of a mother. It does not contain BCM-7 and is thud light on the body. It is highly nutritious and does not cause any kind of discomfort.

  1. Can I visit Pushti Organics’ farm lands?

Yes, you can always schedule a private visit to our farm lands in the Kotputli region of Rajasthan by providing all required details in the form available on our site https://pushtiorganics.com/.