Organic Food is the Future: Buy Organic A2 Ghee in Gurgaon Only at Pushti Organics!

At Pushti Organics, we are evolving with changing time while maintaining the age-old methods of growing organic produce. Keeping quality and hygiene in mind, we use both traditional (Bilona method) and modern (vermi composting) technologies. We are an FSSAI certified organic farm that uses all-natural fodder to deliver chemical-free yield. Milk from healthy Sahiwal cows is procured manually and fermented into curd to make top quality organic A2 ghee in Gurgaon. We pack our ghee hygienically in high quality, sealed glass jars that are a non-toxic and healthier alternative to the plastic jars. Not to mention, our organic ghee in Gurgaon has a shelf life of 12 months. Stock up now if you want ghee in its purest form!

Why Switch to A2 Sahiwal Cow Ghee?

Our organic A2 ghee in Gurgaon is made from the milk of desi Sahiwal cows fed organically at our farms. Solid reasons to switch to our organic ghee in Gurgaon include:

  • Improves digestion and immunity
  • Helps cure joint pain
  • Contains Ayurvedic properties
  • Beneficial during pregnancy

Our ghee contains linoleic acid, antioxidant properties and vitamin K, proved to be best for maintaining a healthy heart. The vitamin K content in our ghee stops the process of calcium deposit in the arteries and thus prevents blockages. Vitamin K is also healthy for thebones.

The Making of Pushti Organics A2 Ghee

It is the procedure of making our organic A2 ghee that makes the product special.

  • Our organic A2 ghee is specifically made from the nutritionally rich and superior quality milk of the indigenous cow breed: the Sahiwal cow.
  • We ensure the calves get their mother’s milk in right quantity first prior to using the same to make ghee.
  • We ensure only earthen utensils are used at different stages of ghee preparation to protect the product’s nutrient values.
  • Our organic A2 ghee is free of all kinds of added chemicals and preservatives making it pure and healthy in every way.</li></p>

You can have our ghee in its raw form directly or use it to make different types of healthy dishes. Regular consumption of the product will not cause any health concerns for you.

So, why the wait when you can place your order for A2 ghee easily on our portal? We maintain 100% transparency in product delivery and payment. Please get in touch with us at to get more details of our products and for all kind of help.


  1. What makes your A2 ghee special?

Pushti Organics’ A2 ghee is one of the main sources of holistic taste and nourishment and is made using the traditional Bilona method. Our desi Sahiwal cows are fed organically at our farm lands in Rajasthan. This has a significant impact on their milk which is further used to make our A2 ghee.

  1. Can I avail free shipping of the products I order?

Yes, we offer free-of-charge shipping to our customers but only for orders above Rs. 400.

  1. Do you make delays in your shipment?

Yes we do but this happens only due to unforeseen circumstances like disruptions in supply chain and restricted movements. Therefore, it is advised to add a few extra days to your expected time of delivery. If certain circumstances make it impossible for us to deliver your order, we will get in touch with you through phone or email.

  1. Is your A2 ghee heart healthy?

Yes, our A2 ghee is heart healthy but only when consumed in prescribed quantity. It helps to reduce cholesterol levels and is also considered one of the best ways to prevent heart blockages.

  1. Why is your A2 ghee expensive as compared to the other ghee brands?

Our A2 ghee is made from the nutritionally rich milk of Sahiwal cows at our farm. The cows do not produce A2 protein laden milk in the same quantity as the cows that produce A1 milk. Consequently, we use more milk to prepare 1 litre A2 ghee making our product more expensive than the ghee available from other brands.