Have Organic Fruits in Delhi NCR That Are Really Delicious and Healthy?

Since fruits are consumed in their raw form, it is very important to have organically grown and fresh varieties. That's because organic fruits do not contain harmful pesticides and chemicals that can harm our health. And if you want to buy organic fruits in Delhi NCR, Pushti Organics is the right destination.

Advantages of Our Organic Fruits

Our organic fruits in Delhi NCR are not just packed with several nutrients, like proteins, vitamins, amino acids and fats but are also delicious at same time. They can protect you from diseases and deficiencies, detoxify your body and improve your digestive and immune systems. With more antioxidants, our organic fruits are perfect for emotional, mental and physical well-being. We sell:

  • Anar: Our fresh, organic and pure anar contains potassium, vitamins and fibre that promote skin health. Rich in antioxidants, this healthy snack also possesses anti-ageing properties and offers just 15 calories per serving.
  • Papaya: Our natural and fresh papaya contains essential nutrients, like vitamins C and E and fibre. It helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and menstrual cramps. Organic papaya from Pushti Organics is packed with antioxidants and makes excellent food for healthy eyes and skin.
  • Apple: Fresh and natural apples from our farm are loaded with fibre, poly-nutrients and antioxidants, making them the perfect food to prevent heart diseases and kidney stones. With minerals and vitamins, our fat-free, juicy and crunchy apples come from fertile farms well-fed with soil and water. With us, you can also avail organic Kinnaur apples that protect the cell membranes from oxidative damage due to their rich poly-nutrient content. We also deliver Royal Apples with light and crisp flavour.
  • Kinno: Want instant refreshment? Why not order the Kinnos at our organic store online? Packed with vitamin C and K and amino acids, our organic Kinnos favour healthy bowel movement and are good for the skin and the immune system.
  • Malta: This is an excellent organic fruit for people on low-carb diets. Rich in vitamin C, our organic maltas support the immune system and help individuals lose weight.

Besides offering several nutrients, fruits also serve as natural desserts. Therefore, you and your family can help yourself to a generous treat of our seasonal fruits or relish the exclusive texture and taste of our exotic fruits like Amla, Kiwi, Strawberry and Dragon Fruit.
A nutritious delicacy, our fresh and juicy organic fruits are grown keeping the best quality standards in mind. With us, you find an assortment of all year-round, exotic and seasonal fruits of superior quality in just a few clicks. So, why wait? Place your order today!



  1. What is the range of your exotic fruits?

You can get organically produced exotic fruits within the most affordable range with us. While we deliver Amla at Rs. 55 per 500 grams and Dragon Fruit for Rs. 189 per piece, our strawberries are available at Rs. 145 and Kiwis at Rs. 74 per kilo.

  1. Are seasonal fruits important?

Yes, our organically grown seasonal fruits come with categorical health advantages that play an important role in transforming your metabolism and your body to the respective season. This further helps you feel rejuvenated, healthy and fresh.

  1. How to identify organic fruits?

There is no clear specification to follow to identify organic fruits. However, we at Pushti Organics are here to tell you that you do not need to go through any trouble to find top-quality organic fruits, and we deliver premium quality, fresh fruits in Delhi NCR.

  1. Do your organic fruits taste better?

There is not much difference between organic fruits and the normal fruits available in the market. But one thing for sure is that having our organic fruits reduces your exposure to toxic pesticides and chemicals.

  1. What's in your fruit box?

Our Fruit Box is an exclusive gift item containing apples and Malda green apples. We can deliver it to any of your loved ones. You get the box for Rs. 1, 585.