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Why we started Pushti Organics


Pushti Organic’s Story is one which Echoes with India’s Health and Wellness Story, India being an Agrarian Society and hugely dependent on its Agriculture to Feed Her People, What we eat is of Prime Importance, As the Children of Farmers, it was very natural for us to contribute to the Health of our Country Folks.

In 2016 when our founders, Guarav and Upasana Yadav found out that their grandmother had a serious disease. That catapulted us to investigate the root cause of her symptoms. The results showed that organic food, filled with toxic pesticides, had been a major contributor to her condition.

As they began exploring this further, they found out that almost 11,000 people die each year from pesticides and inorganic food. Due to their family's experience with pesticide-filled food, we were oath bound to provide organic produce for our country. This helped us decide to convert our 210 acre inorganic farm to an organic Farms

As Organic Farmers we are committed to remove middle men from the chain and take our Purest and 100 percent organic produce directly to your kitchen, hence cutting down on costs, creating a win-win for both farmers as well as for our esteemed consumers.

Additionally our Dream is to make India completely Disease Free due to the food we eat, with our Unique Processes of Growing Organic Produce which are absolutely pesticides free, we committed to Providing Organic at the furthest Reaches, economically, pure and Healthy.