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Arbi (Taro Root)/ 250 Grams

Arbi (Taro Root)/ 250 Grams

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Vitamins A, B6, and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, dietary fibre, beta carotene, riboflavin, thiamin, and folate are all present in arbi. This root vegetable is low in fat and cholesterol, which reduces artery hardening and keeps the heart young and balanced.

Organic taro root helps in weight loss by promoting a healthy heart rate and helps in preventing gallstones. It reduces cholesterol level and improves its circulation.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Amit Mahajan

    • I have always been cautious about my health and for that I always eat a good diet. Pushti Organics has provided me with fresh and healthy food and vegetables products.
  • Srishti Mahajan

    • The Mango milkshake has never tested better before. The safeda mangoes are awesome!!! What you get in the market otherwise does not even taste half as good!!cheers to the team!
  • Vijaya Chaudhary

    • A place to have all your organic vegetables, fruits & dry perishable. The staff is so friendly and helpful,it will make your shopping a good experience. I have been shopping here for the last 2 months. No Cribs.
  • Nikitha

    • The veggies from Pushti Organics are fresh, the excat kind of veggies I have expected. Deliveries are always on time and well packed. One last not the least Organic veggies have affordable prices and are less as compared to other organic veggies in the market.

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