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7 Vegetables your children should never eat again in 2021!

by sam rathi 31 Mar 2021
7 Vegetables your children should never eat again in 2021!

 Recently " Environmental working group " a non-profit organization fighting for consumers' right to live healthier lives in a healthier environment which is also a regulatory authority to ensure the pesticides used in our food system do not harm our infants and children released their yearly list of most contaminated vegetables. After their research, they listed 7 vegetables that are most harmful to infants, babies, and young children. 

Though the only solution to it seems like choosing organic food but for many Indians, choosing an all-organic diet is not possible, so that is why we have made this list to make you aware of the conventional veggies you should be avoiding.

1. Spinach: 


The USDA collected 708 non-organic spinach samples, and 96.6 percent of them had traces of at least one pesticide, and 13.6 percent had traces of at least ten. Pesticide residues were found in 97 percent of spinach samples, notably permethrin, a neurotoxic insecticide.

2. Kale: 


Kale was ranked eighth on the Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen list. Kale and spinach are also good candidates for spraying due to their fragile leaves, which can be destroyed by rodents and reduce their chances of being sold. Pesticide residues are highlighted by EWG because some reports have linked exposure to pesticides to health concerns, including problems with fertility and brain development, and even cancer.

3. Tomato: 


The average tomato tested positive for four pesticides, though one sample had 15 different types as well as breakdown products.


4. Celery: 


  One sample group of the low-calorie veg had 13 pesticides with more than 95    percent of all samples testing positive for some amount of pesticides.

5. Bell Pepper:

Pesticides were found in the largest concentration in hot peppers and bell peppers, with 115 pesticides in all, 21 more than the crops with the second-highest concentration, kale, collard, and mustard greens.

6. Potato: 

Pesticides were present in higher quantities in potatoes than in any other crop. Potatoes are often sliced, which serves to minimize pesticide levels in this dirty dozen root crop. The only concern is that the rest of the nutrients, such as fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, are stored in the potato skins.

7. Mustard Green: 

So either you buy these 7 veggies organic if you can't buy organic then you should simply avoid eating them because of their harmful effects due to the presence of high-level pesticides.


Take care of your health and of your family too. 

Pushti Organics wishes you a healthy life. 

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