Organic fruit

Organic fruit

We often get this question from people that “why is organic more expensive than inorganic produce?” Well, we are here to answer just that for you! 

Ultra-processed foods are often equated with cheap food. These include bread, sweet and flavoured drinks, sweet or savoury snacks, reconstituted meat products and shelf-stable or frozen ready meals and desserts. An increasing number of studies are showing just how harmful these ‘more affordable’ options are to our health.

The BMJ published an article entitled, The need to reshape global food processing: a call to the United Nations Food Systems Summit, which explicitly suggests that food systems are in trouble. We can see this most clearly in the current pandemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes, which are both caused by ultra-processed foods.

The article continues: "The main goal of food ultra-processing is to increase profits by creating highly palatable and convenient products that are inferior imitations of minimally processed foods and freshly prepared meals.

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